IL Texas Heritage


IL Texas Heritage faced the challenge of designing a storm shelter with proper ventilation for their K-8 facility. RPH leveraged louvers as the essential penetrations (four penetrations per unit) to ensure optimal intake and exhaust ventilation. The goal was to mitigate the risks posed by pressure differentials during tornado events and ensure the safety of shelter occupants.


IL Texas Heritage’s K-8 storm shelter now benefits from RPH’s customized intake and exhaust ventilation solution, enabling optimal airflow and enhancing occupant safety during tornado events. The strategically placed four penetrations per unit, facilitated by louvers, ensure the efficient exchange of air for a secure and comfortable environment.

Project Type

K-8 Storm Shelter

Solution used

CYCLONE® Steel Housing - Louvers (CSH-L)

size of units

17 each, 48"x48"x48", 14" Curbs

Model Number


Number of penetrations

Intake & Exhaust, 4 louvers per unit

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