About RPH

RPH builds configurable, engineered and warrantied solutions for roof and wall penetrations. They are a trusted leader in building envelope solutions.

Our solutions help architects, building owners, contractors and engineers prevent water damage and comply with building codes.

RPH is a trusted leader in building envelope solutions, specializing in roof and wall penetration protection and safe room/storm shelter products. Our focus goes beyond standard offerings as our engineering services allow us to customize products to precise specifications, setting a new industry benchmark for innovation and personalized service. From our humble beginnings as a code-driven manufacturer of roof and wall penetration protection, we’ve evolved into the go-to experts for solving a wide range of building envelope and penetration issues. By addressing real problems and collaborating with engineers and architects, we develop high-value technical solutions that solve complex challenges. Experience the new era of creative problem-solving with RPH.

With a strong focus on engineering and protection, our VAULT® series undergoes rigorous third-party testing to ensure adherence to standards such as IECC-2015 air permeance levels, insulation requirements, and SRI LEED requirements. Similarly, our CYCLONE® series is extensively tested to meet ICC 500-2014 and FEMA P-361 criteria for safe room /storm shelter plumbing, mechanical, and electrical products.

At RPH, we stand behind our craftsmanship by providing a 20-year insured warranty for all our VAULT® and RPH Exit Seals™ products, as well as a 10-year insured warranty for CYCLONE® products. With our unwavering commitment to safety, code compliance, and durability, RPH is the trusted choice for penetrations that withstand the test of time, no matter the scale or complexity of your project.

Our Values

At RPH, our core values drive everything we do, from advancing building solutions to fostering trust through our expertise, and ensuring safety and protection in every project we undertake. Read more below.

Advancing Building Solutions

We create comprehensive solutions for the entire building envelope, using the most advanced engineered designs and high-quality materials.

Advancing Trust through Expertise

We find the most effective and efficient ways to help customers achieve their goals, from the initial consultation to ongoing product maintenance and support, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Advancing Safety and Protection

We share resources and best practices with the industry and potential customers to improve outcomes and promote safety and protection of the full building envelope.

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