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RPH is a trusted leader in building envelope solutions. With specialization in roof and wall penetration protection and safe room/storm shelter products, we offer more than standard solutions. Let us help you find the right solution for your project.


RPH VAULT® Solutions provide a consolidated, secure, and configurable pathway for multiple components that penetrate the building envelope.

RPH CYCLONE® Solutions offer architects and engineers an unparalleled level of protection for penetrations in high-wind-prone areas, ensuring the utmost safety and durability in challenging environments.

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Our custom solutions are ideal for essential facilities that house critical occupants, infrastructure, and equipment.

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Experience the power of our game changing custom solutions as we proactively tackle and conquer unique project challenges for specifiers, building owners and contractors.

A Key component of many of our products

RPH Exit Seals™

Customizable and Secure

Our RPH Exit Seals™ are fully customizable to match various shapes and sizes, providing a secure fit for different types of penetrations, including pipes, conduits, ductwork, and more.

Flexible and Low-Maintenance

Our SilX-14™ gasket material provide a reliable, weather-tight seal that adapts to movements caused by temperature changes, structural shifts, or equipment vibrations, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming leak repairs.

Superior Leak Protection

Rigorously tested and engineered, our RPH Exit Seals™ offer superior weather-tight protection for roof and wall penetrations, minimizing the risk of costly leak repairs and water damage.

Lasting Performance

Constructed from premium-grade aluminum or stainless steel with advanced engineering for a secure and tight seal, ensuring long-lasting durability and optimal performance even in harsh outdoor conditions.


Building Solutions for Various Industries

See how RPH has helped customers achieve their goals by providing tailored building solutions that meet their unique needs. Browse our success stories to see how our products have provided protection and protection for buildings across various industries.


RPH's Impact

It’s not only about doing what’s best for the roof and your project, but it’s also required to meet code.

Stephen Mechler

It’s not only about doing what’s best for the roof and your project, but it’s also required to meet code.

Stephen Mechler

Which Solution Is Right for Me?

Let Us Help You Find the Right Solution for Your Needs