Chatham County EOC


Current regulations mandate that an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) adhere to storm shelter requirements, as outlined in ICC-500 and FEMA P-361 guidelines. Here, the architect required a custom solution to safeguard incoming utilities penetrating the hardened shell.


RPH worked closely with the design and construction team to engineer a highly customized solution for installing a Custom CYCLONE® Steel Housing (CSH). This involved coordination with the roofing and technology contractors to ensure an optimal RPH Exit Seal™ and gasket hole configuration, meeting precise specifications. The unit was designed to provide safe future pathways. Notably, the Custom CSH adhered to the same rigorous standards as our standard CYCLONE® products.

Project Type

Emergency Operations Center

Solution used


size of units

36”x 26” x 32”

Number of penetrations

24, with additional space allocated for future pathways


Types of penetrations

Information Technology, Communications

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