RPH Exit Seals™ are a key component of our VAULT® assemblies and many of our CYCLONE® assemblies, providing critical weather-tight protection for each penetration. 

Maximize your penetration protection

Protect your building, its contents, and its occupants from harsh elements with our weather-tight RPH Exit Seals™. Our seals provide superior protection for roof and wall penetrations, minimizing the risk of costly leak repairs and water damage. 

Our Gaskets: Flexible, reliable, low-maintenance

Our flexible SilX-14™ gaskets provide a reliable, weather-tight seal that adapts to movements caused by temperature changes, structural shifts, or equipment vibrations. This flexibility helps prevent cracking and reduces the need for costly and time-consuming leak repairs, making them a low-maintenance (or maintenance-free) solution. 

Compatible with a variety of penetrations

Our RPH Exit Seals™ can be customized to match the precise size and shape of circular, square, rectangular, or oblong openings, ensuring a secure fit for a variety of penetrations including pipe, conduit, ductwork, chilled water lines, gas lines, fiber optics, and more. 

Premium Engineering and materials

Our durable RPH Exit Seals™ are engineered with premium materials, ensuring reliable performance and backed by our insured warranties. 

Easy installation

Our RPH Exit Seals™ are easy to install and can be quickly connected to our VAULT® or CYCLONE® housings in the field.


Experience the ultimate protection for your building

For details about weather-tight exit seal solutions, download the RPH Exit Seals™ Sell Sheet.

Featuring advanced engineering for a secure, tight seal around penetrations, and constructed from durable aluminum or stainless steel, our RPH Exit Seals™ are designed to withstand even the harshest outdoor elements, ensuring long-lasting durability and optimal performance. 

RPH Exit SealsTM

Unique Features

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Our exclusive RPH Exit Seals™ are engineered with SilX-14™ gasket material and designed to provide essential weather-tight protection for each penetration in our VAULT® and CYCLONE® assemblies. Please note that RPH Exit Seals™ are not sold separately and are required for warranty coverage on our VAULT® and CYCLONE® housings. 


No. The RPH Exit SealsTM are specifically designed to work with the CYCLONE® and VAULT® products. The only time we will sell them separately is if they are used for a previously installed CYCLONE® or VAULT® product, and you show proof of use.

No. Insulation SHOULD NOT go through the RPH Exit SealTM. The hole in the gasket is designed to fit snugly against the pipe, creating a thermal break to avoid condensation issues in the unit.

NO! Doing so will comprise the integrity of the seal. The holes in the gasket are sized specifically for each individual penetrant.

Our RPH Exit SealsTM can withstand temperatures ranging from -65°F (intermittent -100°F) to +450°F (intermittent to +500°F).

Little to zero maintenance is required due to the fact that our RPH Exit SealTM is made of SilX-14 and will not crack, separate, or deform.

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