Reimagine penetration protection with RPH’s custom VAULT® and CYCLONE® solutions, transcending our standard designs and pushing engineering boundaries to deliver maximum, project-specific protection.

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BEYOND OUR STANDARD PRODUCTs; custom solutions that solve the unsolvable

Our custom VAULT® and CYCLONE® solutions are designed to address project requirements that go beyond the capabilities of our standard options. From intricate data center setups to large-scale industrial chiller lines and HVAC (duct/vent/exhaust), our custom designs solve the most challenging penetration protection issues.


Our VAULT® line and select products from our CYCLONE® line are specifically engineered to accommodate multiple penetrants from diverse trades. These versatile solutions consolidate various penetrants within a single assembly and are configured to meet your project requirements.

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Limitless options - Custom solutions for any size, type, and quantity

Our custom solutions offer the flexibility to overcome your project-specific challenges. Engineered to accommodate any size and type of penetration, in any quantity, they ensure optimal protection while perfectly adhering to you client's project requirements. There is no project challenge we have not been able to solve.

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We design for ALL sizes and configurations. We stand by our products with a 10- or 20-year insured warranty and provide support from design concept through installation.


Design Beyond Boundaries

For details about custom penetration solutions, download the Custom Products Sell Sheet.

Experience ultimate reliability and performance with our custom penetration protection solutions, setting a new industry benchmark. Our products provide maximum protection for your most critical facilities, ensuring peace of mind and mitigating risks. From advanced engineering to precise manufacturing, we deliver exceptional solutions that meet your exact project requirements.

Custom Products

Unique Features

We Can Customize

Experience the power of our game-changing custom solutions as we proactively tackle and conquer unique project challenges for specifiers, building owners, and contractors. With our innovative and precisely engineered custom designs, we are revolutionizing the landscape of penetration protection.

Any Size of Penetration

From small-scale installations to large-scale projects, we specialize in custom penetration protection solutions for any size requirement. With a track record of success, including our CYCLONE® Steel Housing (CSH) unit with conduit and cable lines, as well as our custom VAULT® units with 42″ OD chill water lines (and everything in-between), we are well-equipped to handle your project.

Any Type of Penetration

Our engineering expertise covers multiple trades, enabling us to design units that accommodate various types of penetrations, including pipes, conduit, ductwork, and more. With our custom VAULT® and CYCLONE® line products, we consolidate and safeguard all required penetrations in one unit, streamlining your project and minimizing potential risks. 

Any Quantity

Our custom solutions address your penetration requirements with practical and scalable options. We offer an extensive range of possibilities for penetration quantity within a single unit and provide flexibility in the number of units that can be installed on your project. Whether you need a unit with a few penetrations or a complex configuration with multiple entry points, we can customize a solution to meet your needs.


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Building Solutions for Various Industries

See how RPH has helped customers achieve their goals by providing tailored building solutions that meet their unique needs. Browse our success stories to see how our products have provided protection for buildings across various industries.

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