US Army War College


The US Army War College faced a unique challenge in designing a storm shelter with an overall size that was significantly large, posing a logistical challenge for shipping and installation. Additionally, the project required the incorporation of oval ductwork, adding complexity to the design and construction process.



RPH developed a tailored solution to address the project’s scale and logistical complexities. Our expertise allowed our designs to meet the specific size requirements and seamlessly integrated oval ductwork for optimal ventilation and functionality. The successful execution of this project ensured the comfort of the US Army War College’s occupants, showcasing our ability to deliver innovative solutions even in the face of unique challenges. To facilitate installation, we incorporated built-in lifting lugs to assist in moving and placing this massive unit.

Project Type

Government & Higher Education

Solution used

Custom VAULT®

size of units

Two each, 338” x 60” x 60”, with 26” Curbs

Number of penetrations

Four penetrations per unit at the time of initial installation:

First Unit: Second Unit:
58” x 36” oval 52” x 36”
38” x 28” oval 24” x 36”
24” x 18” oval 44” x 34”
40” x 34” oval 36” x 26”

Types of penetrations

Ductwork, HVAC

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