Large Southwest Chip Manufacturing Plant


A large chip manufacture faced a unique challenge with their building’s sloped curbs and large chill water lines, including a very specific requirement for a 42” pipe with an access door to a test port and two 30” pipes coming out, necessitating careful welding to avoid any risks during installation. The complexity of the design and the need for precision demanded a customized solution to exact requirements while ensuring the safety and performance of the building.


RPH created a unique custom penetration solution for the project, seamlessly integrating large chill water lines and a 42” pipe with an access door and test port. This tailored approach showcased RPH’s commitment to meeting client needs, enhancing its reputation as a reliable partner for intricate penetration projects.

Project Type

Data Center

Solution used

Custom VAULT®

size of units

110” x 62” x 106”, including a 42" CW panel and access port

125” x 98” x 85” , including a 30" CW panel (2-sides)

Number of penetrations

2 - 30" Exit Seals and 1 - 42" Exit Seal

Types of penetrations

CHW (Chilled Water)

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