University of Michigan – Kraus Generator conduit


The University of Michigan’s Kraus Generator project featured a distinct split system, requiring reliable penetration protection for separate electrical and generator conduits. The task was to design tailored solutions for both conduits while adhering to code regulations, ensuring safety and performance. The considerable unit height, posing an intriguing challenge, called for a skilled contractor motivated to overcome it.


RPH demonstrated its engineering talents by delivering innovative penetration solutions for the Kraus Generator project. Our custom-designed housings and RPH Exit Seals™ successfully accommodated the separate electrical and generator conduits, providing maximum protection while adhering to all code requirements. The seamless integration of our solutions ensured the safety of the infrastructure and enhanced the overall efficiency and longevity of the building.

Project Type

Higher Education

Solution used

Custom VAULT® with custom color

size of units

58” x 58” x 156"

Number of penetrations

16, ranging from 1”- 4”

Types of penetrations

Electrical Conduit

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