WVU Women & Children’s Hospital


At WVU Women & Children’s Hospital, the existing ducts were installed in shafts, creating a unique challenge for penetration protection. To ensure the highest level of safety and compliance, RPH needed to develop innovative modular solutions that seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure while providing protection against any potential risks.


RPH designed and implemented custom modular penetration solutions that not only met but exceeded the project’s requirements. The modular design allowed for a seamless integration with the existing shafts, providing reliable protection for the ducts and other penetrations. With RPH’s advanced engineering and expertise, the hospital now benefits from a state-of-the-art penetration protection system, ensuring the safety and efficiency of its critical infrastructure.

Project Type


Solution used

Custom VAULT®

size of units

180” x 112” x 150” with 5 ducts

170” x 152” x 117” with 4 ducts

158” x 98” x 156” with 5 ducts

170” x 88” x 153” with 5 ducts

Number of penetrations


Types of penetrations

Conduits, Ductwork

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