Sandy Spring Bank Headquarters


At the Sandy Spring Bank Headquarters, the need for a specialized custom sloped angle enclosure with wall vault presented a unique engineering challenge. The project required a solution that could efficiently protect wall penetrations while seamlessly integrating with the building’s design and providing uncompromising durability and performance.


RPH’s expert engineering team worked to create a tailor-made custom enclosure that precisely met their requirements. The custom sloped angle enclosure, complemented by RPH’s VAULT® product line, offered a consolidated, secure pathway for the wall penetrations. The result was an innovative solution that safeguarded the building’s envelope and enhanced its overall energy efficiency and longevity.

Project Type


Solution used

Custom VAULT®

size of units

18” x 18” x 32”

Number of penetrations

19 with 5000 Series RPH Exit Seals™

Types of penetrations

HVAC, Electrical

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