Can I put more than one penetration through an RPH Exit SealTM?

NO! Doing so will comprise the integrity of the seal. The holes in the gasket are sized specifically for each individual penetrant.

Additional FAQs

We add R4 insulation to provide a minimal level of protection; however a vapor barrier and additional insulation must be added to meet local requirements.

The size options for manufacturing CYCLONE® products vary depending on the specific product. We offer a range of sizes that have been thoroughly tested and meet our quality standards. The sizes must be within the range of the smallest and largest tested options to ensure compliance. We can provide guidance and assistance in choosing the appropriate size for your specific requirements.

No. Insulation SHOULD NOT go through the RPH Exit SealTM. The hole in the gasket is designed to fit snugly against the pipe, creating a thermal break to avoid condensation issues in the unit.