Can the CYCLONE® Wall Shroud be used on the exterior or interior wall?


Additional FAQs

All penetrations should be supported no more than 12” from exiting the housing, and also, below the roof level as near as possible to the bottom of the roof opening. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL VOID THE WARRANTY.

The housing has a 3″ built-in counterflashing. The curb to housing connection acts as a termination for the roof material.

Absolutely! Both the CYCLONE® Vent Through Roof (CVTR) and CYCLONE® Roof Drain (CRD) are designed to be compatible with precast and poured-in-place applications. However, it is crucial to follow the specific instructions provided to ensure correct installation and optimal performance in these applications.

The VAULT® was created to change the paradigm in roof penetrations by providing a single, secure pathway for multiple penetrations through the roof which eliminates leaks and meets the building code requirements for air permeance and missile impact (e.g., ICC, Miami-Dade/Florida).

The VAULT® was created as a superior alternate solution to pitch pans. As seen time and again in the industry, the pitch pans will fail because the sealant can dry out and shrink, causing leaks. Putting a rubber boot or diverter on it doesn’t solve the problem in the long term, and can even create additional issues. The VAULT®, however, provides a single pathway for multiple penetrations and will replace vertical penetrations with a tightly sealed horizontal penetration.