Can the insulation on the piping go through the RPH Exit SealTM?

No. Insulation SHOULD NOT go through the RPH Exit SealTM. The hole in the gasket is designed to fit snugly against the pipe, creating a thermal break to avoid condensation issues in the unit.

Additional FAQs

NO! Doing so will comprise the integrity of the seal. The holes in the gasket are sized specifically for each individual penetrant.

Our RPH Exit SealsTM can withstand temperatures ranging from -65°F (intermittent -100°F) to +450°F (intermittent to +500°F).

No. The RPH Exit SealsTM are specifically designed to work with the CYCLONE® and VAULT® products. The only time we will sell them separately is if they are used for a previously installed CYCLONE® or VAULT® product, and you show proof of use.