Can you put a penetration through the lid and/or the curb?

No. The lid and curb should NEVER have a penetration. Doing so will compromise the integrity of the VAULT® and void the warranty. In addition, the lid and the curb should never be punctured. Only use the pre-drilled holes for the fasteners.

Additional FAQs

Little to zero maintenance is required due to the fact that our RPH Exit SealTM is made of SilX-14 and will not crack, separate, or deform.

The VAULT® is tested and surpasses requirements set forth by ASTM E1886 and E1996, as well as FEMA P-320/361 and ICC-500 (up to 225 MPH). This makes it an excellent choice for projects located in areas that experience high wind events, such as hurricanes.

All penetrations should be supported no more than 12” from exiting the housing, and also, below the roof level as near as possible to the bottom of the roof opening. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL VOID THE WARRANTY.