Do the pipes, ducts, and conduit need additional support at install?

All penetrations should be supported no more than 12” from exiting the housing, and also, below the roof level as near as possible to the bottom of the roof opening. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL VOID THE WARRANTY.

Additional FAQs

No. The RPH Exit SealsTM are specifically designed to work with the CYCLONE® and VAULT® products. The only time we will sell them separately is if they are used for a previously installed CYCLONE® or VAULT® product, and you show proof of use.

It is imperative that no sealants are applied to our units. Our VAULT® and CYCLONE® products, when used in combination with our RPH Exit SealsTM, form an ENGINEERED SYSTEM that guarantees the end user uninterrupted service for many years. This is precisely why we confidently provide a 20-year warranty to our customers.

No. The lid and curb should NEVER have a penetration. Doing so will compromise the integrity of the VAULT® and void the warranty. In addition, the lid and the curb should never be punctured. Only use the pre-drilled holes for the fasteners.