Does the VAULT® protect against condensation?

We add R4 insulation to provide a minimal level of protection; however a vapor barrier and additional insulation must be added to meet local requirements.

Additional FAQs

If you’re following the 2018 IBC or an earlier version, utilize the ICC 2014 SAFE ROOM/STORM SHELTER code. For projects under the 2021 IBC Code, use the ICC 2020 code for safe rooms. These codes provide guidelines for constructing safe rooms and storm shelters to ensure occupant safety during severe weather. To ensure compliance, contact your local building code officials for information.

The housing has a 3″ built-in counterflashing. The curb to housing connection acts as a termination for the roof material.

No. Insulation SHOULD NOT go through the RPH Exit SealTM. The hole in the gasket is designed to fit snugly against the pipe, creating a thermal break to avoid condensation issues in the unit.

Yes. The seals for the CYCLONE® have a coarser thread and the tolerance is set for CYCLONE® material. The seals for the VAULT® have finer threads and the tolerance is set for the VAULT® material.