Does the VAULT® provide counterflashing?

The housing has a 3″ built-in counterflashing. The curb to housing connection acts as a termination for the roof material.

Additional FAQs

Little to zero maintenance is required due to the fact that our RPH Exit SealTM is made of SilX-14 and will not crack, separate, or deform.

The opening of the CYCLONE® Wall Shroud needs to be pointed downward when installed on the exterior of the building. The CYCLONE® Wall Shroud CAN be installed 360 degrees when installed on the interior of the building (or under the deck). Ensuring an appropriate height is crucial to effectively cover for two-point deflection.

The VAULT® is tested and surpasses requirements set forth by ASTM E1886 and E1996, as well as FEMA P-320/361 and ICC-500 (up to 225 MPH). This makes it an excellent choice for projects located in areas that experience high wind events, such as hurricanes.