How do I maintain the seal?

Little to zero maintenance is required due to the fact that our RPH Exit SealTM is made of SilX-14 and will not crack, separate, or deform.

Additional FAQs

The housing has a 3″ built-in counterflashing. The curb to housing connection acts as a termination for the roof material.

The VAULT® was created to change the paradigm in roof penetrations by providing a single, secure pathway for multiple penetrations through the roof which eliminates leaks and meets the building code requirements for air permeance and missile impact (e.g., ICC, Miami-Dade/Florida).

The VAULT® was created as a superior alternate solution to pitch pans. As seen time and again in the industry, the pitch pans will fail because the sealant can dry out and shrink, causing leaks. Putting a rubber boot or diverter on it doesn’t solve the problem in the long term, and can even create additional issues. The VAULT®, however, provides a single pathway for multiple penetrations and will replace vertical penetrations with a tightly sealed horizontal penetration.

Our RPH Exit SealsTM can withstand temperatures ranging from -65°F (intermittent -100°F) to +450°F (intermittent to +500°F).