Is there a difference between the VAULT® and CYCLONE® RPH Exit SealsTM?

Yes. The seals for the CYCLONE® have a coarser thread and the tolerance is set for CYCLONE® material. The seals for the VAULT® have finer threads and the tolerance is set for the VAULT® material.

Additional FAQs

The opening of the CYCLONE® Wall Shroud needs to be pointed downward when installed on the exterior of the building. The CYCLONE® Wall Shroud CAN be installed 360 degrees when installed on the interior of the building (or under the deck). Ensuring an appropriate height is crucial to effectively cover for two-point deflection.

It is imperative that no sealants are applied to our units. Our VAULT® and CYCLONE® products, when used in combination with our RPH Exit SealsTM, form an ENGINEERED SYSTEM that guarantees the end user uninterrupted service for many years. This is precisely why we confidently provide a 20-year warranty to our customers.