When do you have to utilize the ICC 2020 SAFE ROOM/STORM SHELTER code?

If you’re following the 2018 IBC or an earlier version, utilize the ICC 2014 SAFE ROOM/STORM SHELTER code. For projects under the 2021 IBC Code, use the ICC 2020 code for safe rooms. These codes provide guidelines for constructing safe rooms and storm shelters to ensure occupant safety during severe weather. To ensure compliance, contact your local building code officials for information.

Additional FAQs

The opening of the CYCLONE® Wall Shroud needs to be pointed downward when installed on the exterior of the building. The CYCLONE® Wall Shroud CAN be installed 360 degrees when installed on the interior of the building (or under the deck). Ensuring an appropriate height is crucial to effectively cover for two-point deflection.

The VAULT® was created to change the paradigm in roof penetrations by providing a single, secure pathway for multiple penetrations through the roof which eliminates leaks and meets the building code requirements for air permeance and missile impact (e.g., ICC, Miami-Dade/Florida).

The VAULT® was created as a superior alternate solution to pitch pans. As seen time and again in the industry, the pitch pans will fail because the sealant can dry out and shrink, causing leaks. Putting a rubber boot or diverter on it doesn’t solve the problem in the long term, and can even create additional issues. The VAULT®, however, provides a single pathway for multiple penetrations and will replace vertical penetrations with a tightly sealed horizontal penetration.

The housing has a 3″ built-in counterflashing. The curb to housing connection acts as a termination for the roof material.

Little to zero maintenance is required due to the fact that our RPH Exit SealTM is made of SilX-14 and will not crack, separate, or deform.