Advanced Building Solutions

Our commitment to advancing building solutions drives everything we do at RPH. With a focus on innovation and a dedication to safety and protection, we work with our customers to create comprehensive solutions for the entire building envelope. With specialization in roof and wall penetration protection and safe room/storm shelter products, we offer more than standard solutions. 

Advancing Building Solutions

We create comprehensive solutions for the entire building envelope, using the most advanced engineered designs and high-quality materials.

Advancing Trust through Expertise

We find the most effective and efficient ways to help customers achieve their goals, from the initial consultation to ongoing product maintenance and support, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Advancing Safety and Protection

We share resources and best practices with the industry and potential customers to improve outcomes and promote safety and protection of the full building envelope.


Maximum Protection & Long-Term Durability at the Core of Every Product

At RPH, we offer a range of advanced building envelope solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each project. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure maximum protection and longevity, exceeding industry standards for safety and protection.

VAULT® Solutions

The VAULT® provides a consolidated, secure, and configurable pathway for multiple components that penetrate the building envelope.

CYCLONE® Solutions

CYCLONE® products provide an exceptional level of protection for penetrations on projects located in areas susceptible to high-wind events.

Customized Solutions

Reimagine penetration protection with RPH’s custom VAULT® and CYCLONE® solutions, transcending our standard designs and pushing engineering boundaries to deliver maximum, project-specific protection.


What Sets Our Solutions Apart

Reduce the Number of Roof Deck Penetrations

Eliminate the primary cause of leaks: multiple penetrations. We provide a single, secure pathway through the roof and walls for multiple pipes, conduit, ductwork, fiber optics, and more.


Building Solutions for Various Industries

See how RPH has helped customers achieve their goals by providing tailored building solutions that meet their unique needs. Browse our success stories to see how our products have provided protection for buildings across various industries.


Elevate Your Project’s Safety and Protection with RPH’s Resource Center

At RPH, we believe in sharing our expertise to advance the industry. Our resource center offers industry insights, expert tips, and educational materials to help you stay updated on the latest building codes, safety regulations, and construction trends.

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